Hand sign language black lives matter shirt


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Sign language or sign language, the language is the language that uses the expression of the hand instead of the sound of the voice. Sign language was created by deaf people to enable them to communicate with each other in their community and to acquire knowledge of the society. An American pastor, to be able to teach a deaf girl Alice Cogswell , he was assisted by Alice’s father to find and learn the method of teaching the deaf. He went to England to study the Braidwood method but the family did not share it. And T.H. Gallaudet also found that Braidwood’s method of using speech to teach was not very effective. Fortunately, in France he came across an advertisement for the presentation of Abbe Sicard, the successor to Charles-Michel de l’Épée. So T.H. Gallaudet went to France to study.Hand sign language black lives matter shirt

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