He’s back big ben revenge tour 2020 shirt


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It did not serve so much as a Steelers’ Mount Rushmore, which has become a popular topic of debate lately. Yet when these four old Steelers linebackers gathered for a Zoom session last week, there was a mountain of memories. Imagine what Levon Kirkland, Greg Lloyd, Chad Brown and Kevin Greene might have talked about during their social get-together. Think the 1990s came up?.“That was sweet,” Kirkland said from his home in South Carolina. “I wish we could have recorded the thing and put it out there. There were a few curse words, though. It was a good conversation, about how much we cared about each other. We do a decent job of keeping in touch. It was real cool. I’m sure a lot of Pittsburgh fans would have enjoyed that conversation.He’r back big ben revenge tour 2020 shirt

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