Khlav Kalash Crab Juice Vendor Tee shirt


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Subspecies Crab or real crab (scientific name: Brachyura) is a group of crustaceans, the body is wider than the length, soft shell, ten legs have joints, the front legs have evolved into two claws, the shell is covered with Belly. Flattened completely covers the chest. Crab animals are abundant in all seas and oceans. There are species that live in rivers, streams and fields, such as those of the Mountain Crab family (Potamidae) or the Crab family (Parathelphusidae) and some terrestrial species (Gecarcinidae). The head and the body are connected to the shell.Crab is a nutrient rich animal for human health providing much calcium.Khlav Kalash Crab Juice Vendor Tee shirt

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