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According to the World Health Organization, hand washing is considered a homemade vaccine, very simple, easy to implement, cost effective as well as save millions of lives. Infection control experts say infectious diseases that have been occurring in the community can be prevented by maintaining hygiene, including washing hands with soap. Accordingly, just one hand-washing action has reduced the ability to transmit bacteria, viruses that cause diarrhea, up to 35%, which kills millions of people every year in the world. Regular hand washing with soap helps reduce the risk of hand, foot, mouth, and typhoid infections by 35 to 47%. The virus that causes acute respiratory infection, Covid-19 (a new strain of Corona virus) spreads during an outbreak. Mucus or respiratory secretions containing viruses get into our bodies from the eyes, nose, and throat through droplets when in direct contact with the sick person or through hands touching virus-containing intermediaries and putting them on. face. Therefore, “Unsafe hands” is also the most common “tool” that spread the virus from one person to another. Therefore, stop the way the virus enters the body by washing hands frequently and Cleanliness is of utmost importance.Pomas Elephant wash your hands shirt

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